39 Phoenix Street, Oldham

Projects: 39 Phoenix Street, Oldham- Conversion of offices/warehouse into academy school


Material Requirments:

70mm Stud 3.0m - 3000 pieces

70mm Track 3.0m - 850 pieces

2400x1200 Square Edge 12.5mm Plasterboard- 720 Sheets (10 Pallets)

100mm Acoustic Partition Roll- 100 rolls

Multifinish - 560 Bags (10 Pallets)

Thincoat Metal Beads 3m- 250 pieces

30" Fire Check Ply Flush Doors- 108

Handles, Locks, Hinges, Doorlining Sets etc to suit

Various Paints


Contract Value: £25,000+


Delivery Requirements:

The client was working on an extremely tight schedule wishing for all materials to be on site within 24 hours.


From placing the order at 7am, the first delivery of metal stud and track were on site by 12pm. Further materials followed over the next 12 hours to ensure the tight schedule was maintained


The client was extremely impressed with our ability to meet his extremely large requirements within 36hours of placing the order using both our own and our suppliers lorries.


Further deliveries are planned for future needs in the coming weeks.

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