Celotex House, High Wycombe

Projects: Celotex House, High Wycombe- 40,000sq foot warehouse refurbishment


Material Requirments:

2x1 Tanalized 3m- 1600 pieces

4x4 Tanalized 4.8m- 150 pieces

9x2 Tanalized 6.0m- 750 pieces

4x2 Tanalized 3.0m- 2000 pieces

4x2 Tanalized 4.2m- 550 pieces

2400x1200 Square Edge 12.5mm Plasterboard- 1872 Sheets (26 Pallets)

100mm Ecotherm 2400x1200- 850 sheets

33" Fire Check Ply Flush Doors- 42

Handles, Locks, Hinges, Doorlining Sets etc to suit


Contract Value: £69,000


Delivery Requirements:

The client was working on an extremely tight schedule wishing for all materials to be on site within 48 hours.


From placing the order at 7am, the first delivery of 220 4x2 Tanalized 3m were on site by 10am. A further two loads of 440 4x2 Tanalized 3m timber followed through the day to ensure the clients workforce was not idle on site.


All timber was delivered upon 3 articulated lorries spaced out 1 every hour the following morning at 8am.


The plasterboard & ecotherm followed the following day on 10 26tonnes lorries spaced out every 45minutes from 7.30am. 


Lastly the doors and iron mongery were followed up by ourselves a week later to ensure they were not damaged during the early phases of construction. 


The client was extremely impressed with our ability to meet his extremely large requirements within 48hours of placing the order using both our own and our suppliers lorries.


Further deliveries are planned for future needs in the coming weeks.

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