Plaster Products

MultiFinish Plaster




Most popular universal skim finish plaster. 


Common for backgrounds. 


Ideal for small repair jobs and patching


Suitable for hand or mechanical applications. 

Bonding Coat Plaster




An Ideal base coat for low suction backgrouds. Such as, tiling, concrete, plasterbaord. 

Hardwall Plaster




Undercoat Plaster.


High Impact resistance. 


Quick drying undercoat plaster.


Used for masonry backgrounds, such as bricks, medium-density and aircrete blocks. 


Can be applied by hand or sprayed on. 

Drywall Adhesive / Plasterboard Adhesive / Bonding Compound

Used with metal furring channels and direct bonding of plasterboards and insulating laminates. 


Not to be used with moisture resistant and vapour check boards. 

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