Plasterboard Product Options

What plasterboard do i need?


There is a huge range of plasterboard available in the market. The plasterboard you choose should suit your needs. 


One of the main features to consider when looking at plasterboard is the properties which you require. 

For examples - Moisture restant plasterboard is ideal areas which high humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.


Public areas with high volume of people maybe require impact resistant, or noise reistant or even fire resistant plasterboard. 


See below more details and find the plasterboard that suits your needs. 

Wallboard - Standard Plasterboard


Wallboard is plasterboard with an ivory paper face.



Fire Panel -  Fire Plasterboard


Fire Resistant plasterboard with a pink face. 


Available in both square and tapered edge.

Soundshield Plus - Sound Plasterboard


High Mass, tuned core plasterboard with a blue face.


Acoustic Performance, Fire Resistance.

Moisture Panel - Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Moisture Resistant plasterboard with a green paper face. 


Used in internal buildings with high humidity for example, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Toilets

Vapour Panel - Vapour Check Plasterboard



Laminated Plasterboard with metalised polyester foil laminate, with a grey face. 


Effective vapour barrier.


Available in square and tapered edge. 

Coreboard - Moisture and Fire Resistant Plasterboard


Has a Blue/ Green paper face. 


Moisture resistant and fire resistant. 


Available in square edge. 

Performance Plus - Sound, Fire, Moisture & Impact Resistant Plasterboard

This plasterboard has performance enhancing properties. 


Extremely resistant. to sound, moisture, fire and impact. 


Mainly used in schools, hospiatals and large commercial properties. 

Safeboard - X-Ray Resistant Plasterboard



This X-Ray Resistant plasterboard contains barium sulpahte, which allows it to reduce the amount of lead.


Available in tapered edge.  

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