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Redland Roof Tiles​


Explore the different Redland Roof Tile Ranges, available in different finishes and colours. 


Why choose Redland Roof Tile?


Redland has been producing roof tiles for over 100 years, they have dominated the roofing industry by producing high-quality roof systems. 

Their extensive range provides options which ensure there is a roof tile to suit your needs. Going further to help the environment and efficiency with renewable energy systems such as the solar range. 



Select from the roof tile range below - 


In most cases we can deliver to you on a next working day basis, we mainly deliver to The South East and across London. Alternatively, we are based in Harrow feel free to come in a discuss what you would like. Click here for Contact Information 


Slate Range Roof Tile

This range offers a modern look which is durable and ensures a weathertight construction.

Profile Range Roof Tile

Profile Range  give you a more traditional design by the use of interlocking clay and concrete tiles. 

Plain Tile Range Roof Tile

Plain Tile Range is a fantastic which can work well on almost any pitched roof design. Like the Profile Roof Tile there is a large choice of clay or concrete tiles. 

Solar Range

Providing a renewable energy source through your roof tile. The Solar range uses the rays of the sun to provide you with electricity which is friendly to the environment and does not compromsing your roof.


Fittings are avaible for all your roofing situations. Whether you have clay, concrete or slate tiles, there are fitting to suit your needs. Fittings include Verges, hips, valleys and ridges.


Depending on your roofing needs there is a component to help you finish your roof. Click through to find out more information. 

Sandtoft Roof Tiles​


While we have only shown two different ranges os the Sandtoft Roof Tile, we are able to provide you with other ranges with Sandtoft.



What types of Sandtoft Roof Tiles are available?


Sandtoft roof tile can be a concrete tile, clay tile and slate appearance tile. Sandtoft roof tile is known for a high level of quality, making it both a strong trustworthy tile which looks good.

Standard Pattern Roof Tile

Sandtoft Roof Tile - Standard Pattern is a medium concrete tile which are easy to install and highly durable.

Plain Tiles

Sandtoft roof tile - Plain Tiles are a cross-cambered concrete tile which is perfect for complex detailing and curved roof.

Online Exclusive Deals

Shop online for Sandtoft roof tiles will be availble soon, and enjoy special rates

Roof Tile shortage!

Can't get roof tiles??


At the moment there is a shortage of Redland 49 Rustic Red Roof Tile!!
There is a suitable alternative for you!
Explore the option of Sandtoft Roof Tile -  Standard Pattern Rustic Red

Roof Tile Brands

Redland Roof Tile

Explore Our Redland Roof Tile Range

Sandtoft Roof Tile

Our Sandtoft Roof Tile will soon be available online.

Online Exclusive Deals

Shop online for roof tile, and enjoy special rates



Things to consider when buying tiles for your roof 



There are a number of factors to consider when buying tiles for your roof such as -


1.  You should look around the houses and buildings around you.  Sometimes you may require planning permission if your tiling does not fit the appearance of the area. Consider the location of your building, make sure it fits in, for example, it may require a traditional look or a modern look and all this can be achieved with the choice of roof tile 


2. The design of your roof is an important factor and must be taken into consideration when choosing your tiles. Certain ranges cannot be fitted if the roof pitch is not right. Most tiles come with a minimum pitch level. Please check this information before you continue your purchase.


3. Changing or choosing your roof tile can be expensive, It is important you explore all the brands that are available as well as the different ranges that they offer Ensure will the tile may be cost-effective it is reliable. 


4. Decide on what material you would like your tile made of, it can by clay, concrete or slate. 




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