Redland Components

Redland Component Options

The Redland Brand offers an extensive range of componenets to your roofing systems. 

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing Range

Wakaflex rapid flashing ranges offers an alternative to lead and can be used on almost any pitched root, in addtion this is a flexible and adhesive flashing. 

A glue and sealant for Wakaflex Rapid Flashings is available. 

Tile and Slate Fixings

Redland provide a number of fittings depending on your roof tiles. For example :-

  • Fixings for Small cut tiles - Clips for securing small tile cuts
  • Innofix clip - A Clip that easy and quick to install
  • Kro Clip - Clips that securing small cuts of tile at the perimeters of the roof
  • Plain Tile Fixings - Nails and clips for plain tiles
  • Interlocking Tile Fixing - clips and nails for interlocking roof tiles


  • Spirtech 400 2s
  • Veltitech 145
  • Underlay support tray

Abutment Systems

  • Bonding Gutter
  • Side Abutment GRp Secret Gutter
  • Abutment Ventilation systems

Eavess Systems

  • Redvent Eavesvent
  • Redvent 2 over-fascia vent
  • Eaves Comb
  • Rapid Eaves Vent

Ventilations Tiles

  • Redline Vent Tile
  • Rapid Roof Vent Tile
  • Thruvent Tile
  • Hi-Flow Thruvent Tile

Monoridge Systems

  • Dryvent Monoridge System
  • Monoridge End Cap

Hip Systems

  • ​Dry Hip system
  • Continuoues Hip System
  • Cambrian Mitred hip system
  • Hip end cap
  • Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit
  • Uni-Vent Rapid Hip Support Tray
  • Uni - vent Rapid Ridge/Hip

Ridge Systems

  • Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit
  • Dryvent Ridge System
  • Continuous Ridge System
  • Uni-vent Rapid Ridge/ Hip
  • Ridge Vent Terminal 
  • Gas Flue Ridge terminal 
  • Ridge End Cap

Verge Systems

  • Dryverge
  • Rapid Dryverge
  • Ambi-Dry II Verge System

Valley Systems

  • 12 GRP Valley
  • Dry Valley
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