Velux Windows

Why a Velux Window?


Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows, offering a wide variety of options to suit your needs. 

Your Velux roof window can be manually or automatically operated, it can take into consideration your needs in terms of the noise level outside your window. There are also a number of accessories available which can further add to your convenience. 


Velux roof windows increase the amount of natural light entering your room as well as having an aesthetic appeal. These windows can be used almost anywhere for pitched roof, and lofts as well as flat roofs and extensions.  Velux also works well in bathrooms and kitchens providing you natural light. If that wasn't enough create balconies and terraces with Velux, this look will expand your room to increase the light and make the room feel bigger while providing you with fresh air in abundance 


Explore the different Velux roof windows available:-


Velux roof windows are customisable to take into consideration - sizes, operations and interior finishes - select an option below to learn more. 


Centre Pivot Window

Velux centre Pivot windows come with a range of customisable windows click though to see what options are available

Top Hung Window

Velux Top Hung windows come with a range of customisable windows click though to see what options are available

Flat Roof Window

Velux flat roof windows increase the natural light in a room. See the available options. 

Buy Velux Windows Online

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Velux Window Sizes


470 MM 550 MM 660 MM 780 MM 940 MM 1140 MM 1340 MM

550 MM

620 MM       MK27​      
700 MM   CK01          
780 MM   CK02          
980 MM BK04 CK04 FK04 MK04 PK04   UK04
1180 MM   CK06 FK06 MK06 PK06 SK06  
1140 MM     FK08 MK08 PK08 SK08 UK08
1600 MM       MK10 PK10 SK10 UK10
1800 MM       MK12      
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